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Monday, October 17, 2016

360° BEAUTIFUL HAIR- Milbon Treatment @ Number76


If you don't already know from my other social medias, AND if you're not subscribe to my Youtube Channel (whatareyoudoing)
I've cut my long hair SHORT! Just thought I'd let you know first since I never talked about it on my blog before. 


It's been 6 days now since I've tried the newest 1st in Malaysia Milbon Hair Treatment, and I must say it is phenomenal. I know hair treatments usually leave you with smooth hair, but after trying Milbon for the first time my hair seriously feels like SMOOTH SMOOOOOOTH... I'm just totally impressed that it's not only smooth it's airy, it's bouncy, it's silky, and I can easily run my hand through my hair after many wash. AMAZINGGGGG

So a few of us were given the opportunity to try this amazing creation ONLY available in NUMBER76. Very proud to say that Malaysia's 
Number76 branch is the FIRST to launch this product in Southeast Asia! So anyho, let's talk about what's the hype with this new product! 

This is how my morning hair looks like after wash (no styling, no product), I know from the front it looks okay, but trust me, I suffer from frizzy hair, well because of my fine and thin hair , my hair tends to be more vulnerable (like my heart) So, years and years of styling, coloring, blowing, will confirm damage it quickly once you don't take care of it. I'm sure you guys know the tons of product I put in my hair to maintain it HERE.

In 2015, Milbon's research lab discovered a process for analyzing hair from a 3D perspective: bringing CT-Scan technology to haircare for the 
first time. That then led to the discovery SSV- a phenomenon that is a major contributor to hair damage. SSVs (Stick-Shaped Voids) are hollow, tubular gaps that form in chemically treated hair, and which seem to contribute to loss of shine, split ends, and breakage. 

So in the absence of effective treatment, SSV's will continue to expand and further damage hair... Hence Milbon claim to discovered SSVR-Silk
A powerful, silk-based complex which supersedes the hollow tubular assholes that spoils our hair, improves hair's overall integrity, inside out. 

Step one in Salon Care is SMOOTH (Amino Oil) - Smoothes surface bumps
Step two is HYDATE (Moisture Veil) - Infuses moisture
Step Three is TOPCOAT (Smoothing Collagen) - Seals in treatment 

The treatment took less than 30mins to complete, next on is the usual drying and styling that Lucas did for me!

and walla! OMG.... Can you see the before and AFTER results?! Goodness, hair is instantly epic smooth, bouncy and japanese like~ Kawaii~ 
Honestly as I'm writing this post, I can't help but keep touching my hair and running my fingers through them, this really feel awesome and 
HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this to the people who suffer from dry, unmanageable, overly-processed hair! Seriously do try it and I hope it 
helps you as mush as it helped me. Who doesn't want soft, supple, smooth hair right?! *continues touching hair...*

Some familiar faces on the special event that day and THANK YOU NUMBER76 for having us! x

and SueAnn for being the very best and treating me so kindly. You are loved and thanks!

If you're interested in the JOURNEY of my ever changing hair check out the links below:

Seriously give this new product a go! You can find it at any Number76 Saloons near you!

BANGSAR : 03-22831776 / 2776 // MID VALLEY : 03-22870661 / 0662 // STARHILL GALLERY : 03-21416676 / 7076 // PUBLIKA : 03-62012776

But all in all, follow their Social sites to stay updated with any Discounts or PROMO! 

Bye guys! 
pst, I'll be off to Japan for the FIRST TIME in a few more day! 
Stay tuned on my Socials to know what's up!


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